URS COVID-19 Response and Updates

In response to COVID-19, we have introduced a hybrid model of care to ensure the safety of patient, therapist, team, and respective families. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find our newly updated policy related to how we plan to continue treatment through this pandemic and what measures we will have in place to protect you and your family as well as our staff. 

Please note the following: 

We continue to see patients across all settings. If your child cannot comply with wearing a mask, it must be for a medically based reason and approved by our Clinical Director for in-person treatment to continue. We are keeping everyone’s wellbeing at the forefront, so it will be at the treating therapist’s discretion how and where treatments are conducted.

Clinic-based visits are highly encouraged over home visits during this time to keep a controlled environment for therapy visits, minimize unnecessary contact for therapists, and minimize travel between homes for our therapy team. 

We are following CDC and State guidelines. All participants in a therapy visit will have to pass the 4 point screening at each time of service in order to be seen. If you have traveled or plan to travel out of state, you will need to notify our office or your treating therapist of the schedule adjustments required post-travel (14-day quarantine or 5-day quarantine + Negative COVID test results) until in-person services are able to safely resume. We will work with you for your specific situation to make sure we are able to meet your child’s needs in a way that is safe for all parties. 

Our team has been working closely to come up with creative ways to address on-going needs. We highly recommend that those able to utilize televisits instead of fully canceling visits do so in order to keep the continuity of care during this time. We greatly appreciate your understanding and compliance with our policies moving forward and are happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

Keep in mind that if at any time it is deemed unsafe to continue services in-person we reserve the right to modify schedules as appropriate to ensure that all staff, patients, and respective families are not unnecessarily placed at risk. 

Please, take the time to review the pertinent policies (links found below) that relate to your/your child’s care. ALL families will be required to complete the Acknowledgement and Consent Form indicating you understand and agree to our infection control policies prior to receiving services.

We are so honored to be a part of your child’s growth and development; we hope that we can continue to provide high-quality services to support you and your child as we weather these unprecedented times together.  

The URS Team

URS Infectious Disease Control Policies