Our Approach

We focus on each individual’s unique needs by creating customized therapy plans for every child, teen, and adult.

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Unbridled Rehabilitation Services is a multi-specialty therapy practice using a blend of traditional, home, and community-based approaches for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Unbridled works with individuals of all ages including veterans, disabled individuals, children, and elderly, striving to improve each person’s quality of life and functional participation to their greatest potential.

We believe that the big picture is what matters. Our team of licensed and certified professionals collaborates with your team of clinicians, caregivers, and/or educators to ensure a better quality of life.

Our Services

We lead with clinical Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy; while specializing in Hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, Aquatic therapy, group therapies, home consultations, and caregiver education.

Occupational Therapy

focuses on self-care, work, and leisure activities involved in daily living. Occupational Therapists work with patients to strengthen the skills of daily living to improve independence and safety in school, home, and community settings.

Occupational therapists can provide consultation on accessibility, adaptive equipment, functional splinting, and community resources pertaining to each individual’s needs.

Physical Therapy

focuses on movement, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Physical Therapists work with patients to promote movement, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent disability.

Using a variety of treatment strategies, physical therapy can address needs for building strength, improving movement, and increasing functional mobility.

Speech Therapy

focuses on age-appropriate speech sound production, expressive/receptive language skills, social language use, and functional communication skills.

Speech-language pathologists work with patients to address a variety of areas, including the following:

  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Language Disorders
  • Fluency
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Our Specialties

Equine Therapy

Hippotherapy, Equine Assisted Therapy,
and Theraputic Riding (Adaptive Riding)

Our plan of care may include equine (horse) movement (hippotherapy) as a treatment strategy. Many patients of many different diagnosis benefit from gentle equine-assisted exercise and neuromuscular input to promote greater balance, core strength, coordination, and sensory integration.

Click here to read this helpful infographic about what might be included and the benefits of Equine Therapy!

Aquatic Therapy

Our plan of care may include Aquatic therapy to improve range of motion, muscle strength, body awareness, motor functioning, and oral motor skills concentration and sensory problems, as well as help facilitate neurodevelopmental growth.

Special Needs Camps

Feeding and Self Care

Home consultations

Community Screenings

Our team of licensed professionals can help with:

  • Difficulty with fine motor tasks
  • Handwriting difficulty
  • Struggling to complete homework
  • Frequent tantrums/Mood swings
  • Anxiety/Apprehension of change
  • Depression
  • Sensitivity to loud noises
  • Poor concentration/attention deficit
  • Muscular or joint weakness/pain
  • Recovering from injury or surgery
  • Poor balance/coordination
  • Poor posture
  • History or fear of falling
  • Difficulty with physical activities
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Struggles to communicate needs/wants
  • Trouble making friends
  • Dyslexia and learning disabilities
  • Community-reintegration
  • Challenges with comprehension
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Group Therapies and other Programs

Social Skills Groups

Social Skill groups engage participants in age-appropriate activities with their peers through direct instruction, modeling, and a variety of hands-on activities.

Bike Program

Our Strider bike program offers an opportunity to promote bike riding readiness with the use of pedal-less bikes called balance bikes. Students learn to recruit core muscles and practice bi-manual strength and coordination for bike riding skills.

Teaching kids to ride by the balance bike method allows the child to find success on two wheels right from the start. Using a balance bike helps to break down bike riding into a progression creating a strong foundation that builds confidence along with skill.

Behavioral Therapies

We offer a unique approach for troubled teens and adults. We can help with:

  • Desensitization
  • Sensory integration
  • Troubling behaviors
  • Communication and self-advocacy
  • Family-centered mindfulness
  • Community/workplace reintegration
  • Building self-confidence
  • Executive function skills (i.e. problem-solving, time management, planning)

Handwriting Improvement Program

Handwriting skills help your student

  • Build skills to communicate confidently and effectively.
  • Develop hand strength, visual motor coordination/integration.
  • Build self-confidence and expressive ability

Our Handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears, specifically takes complicated things and breaks them down into small elemental parts which help students learn foundational skills without frustration!

Pre-K through 5th Grade workshops

Pre-school: hand-eye coordination, daily self-care, building independence and confidence

Grade school: in-hand manipulation, handwriting, and self-help strategies, Posture 101

Group Therapies are offered in sessions and are available to a limited number of participants. Upcoming group sessions, as well as their specific details, are published as they are available below.

“Unbridle Our Pony” Groups

Come on out for our Unbridle Our Pony Group! ⁠⁠Help as we feed and brush our superstar hippotherapy ponies and put them away after a long day of therapy with friends! Enjoy pony care tasks that build confidence and learn about Equine Assisted Therapies and Therapeutic riding in a fun and relaxed setting!⁠⁠All ages and…

“Quill Masters” Handwriting Workshop

✏️Build skills to communicate confidently and effectively.✏️Develop hand strength, visual-motor coordination/integration.✏️ Build self-confidence and expressive ability Our program specifically takes complicated things and breaks them down into small elemental parts which help students learn foundational skills without frustration! Wednesday at 4 pm grades 1-12 – July 17, 24, 31st, 2019! No registration is needed, just drop…

Aquatic Therapy Starting July 2019!

🏊‍♀️Aquatic Therapy is starting in July 2019! 🏊‍♀️Aquatic therapy improves range of motion, muscle strength, body awareness, motor functioning, oral motor skills, concentration, and sensory problems, as well as helps to facilitate neurodevelopmental growth. Interested? ☎️ Call the office at (410) 970-2400 Offered at:Kids First Swim School, 2970 Dede Road, Finksburg, MD 21048 Registration fees: – Monthly registration fee…

Join us for “Sense URSelf” Summer camp!

This year’s camp will be full of fun and exploration of themed activities incorporating sensory-rich experiences, motor learning opportunities, and peer learning/social engagement for kids of all abilities. Interested? ☎️ Call the office to register at (410) 970-2400 Offered at:Unbridled Rehabilitation Services Main Office11419 Cronridge Drive, Suite 9, Owings Mills, MD 21117Registration fees$250.00 per participant per week…

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