2017 June Newsletter



Upcoming Schedule

Summer is here!!   Planning to travel?  Please share your travel dates so the ponies and therapists can plan ahead. *Please note our summer break dates below during which the center will be closed.* Thank You!!!

Summer Session: June 27 – August 19

SUMMER BREAK: August 20 – September 2

Fall Session I : September 5 – October 28

FALL BREAK: October 29 – November 4

Fall Session II : November 7 – December 23

WINTER BREAK: December 24 – December 30

Additionally, please keep an eye out for an email coming directly from Katie regarding changes to the therapy program and services offered. There is a lot happening and we are working hard to make sure we can continue to meet each of our families’ needs as we continue to grow.

 Sun’s out! 

A friendly reminder to make sure you apply sunscreen prior to your therapy session since we will be outside most days. If you have a special request to stay out of the sun, please communicate this with your therapist prior to start of the visit.

Thank you…

to everyone who came out to participate in the ground breaking ceremony June 10!! It was an intimate and enjoyable celebration of what is to come!


Tick alert!

 Reduce your chances of getting a tickborne disease by using repellents, checking for ticks, and showering after being outdoors. If you have a tick bite followed by a fever or rash, seek medical attention.

Gardening, camping, hiking, and playing outdoors – when enjoying these activities, don’t forget to take steps to prevent bites from ticks that share the outdoors. Ticks can infect humans with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause serious illness.

How to remove a tick

Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Don’t twist or jerk the tick; this can cause the mouth-parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth-parts with tweezers. If you are unable to remove the mouth easily with clean tweezers, leave it alone and let the skin heal.
After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, an iodine scrub, or soap and water.
Dispose of a live tick by submersing it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag/container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet. Never crush a tick with your fingers.

***Avoid folklore remedies such as “painting” the tick with nail polish or petroleum jelly, or using heat to make the tick detach from the skin. Your goal is to remove the tick as quickly as possible–not waiting for it to detach.

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Phone: (410) 970-2400
Fax: (410) 774-4090

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