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New Clients

You have unique problems, and we want to help you solve them. We consider each client on a case by case basis to offer the best possible care. Becoming a new client is a multi step process, but we make it as simple as we can.

Step One: Referrals

Insurance companies respond best when we have a referral for our services. Referrals come from your primary care provider, and serve as a third party approval for us. We work directly with many local doctors and pediatricians to make the process easier. If we aren’t in touch with your doctor yet, you can help by talking to them about us and putting us in contact with them.

Step Two: Paperwork

Paperwork collects the information we need to work with your insurance company and doctors. It’s best to fill out the paperwork before your first appointment. We would be glad to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Step Three: Evaluation

We evaluate every client to determine the best services for them. An evaluation is an hour long appointment, and involves interviewing, physical assessments, and an introduction to our therapies and tools. The evaluation is a conversation between our therapists and you. It is a great time for you to ask questions and deal with any concerns.

Step Four: Planning

After our evaluation, we create a measurable treatment plan for our therapy. We define treatment goals and how we’ll determine our progress towards them. These treatment plans work with our semesters, and will change over time. As you continue a treatment relationship with us, we are constantly reassessing and creating new plans.

Step Five: Billing

If you are paying out of pocket, we ask that you pay at time of service. This helps us pay our therapists, take care of the horses, buy equipment, and maintain our facility.

If we are working with an insurance provider, we will bill them first. Based on their response, we will bill you for any remainders. We ask that you pay these bills within 30 days.

Billing can be tricky, but we try to be as upfront as possible. If have questions about billing, Katie will work with you personally.

New Client Inquiry Form

Fill out this form if you’d like us to to contact you about being a new client. You can also call us at 410-970-2400.