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Happenings and Updates

Introducing Karen Flowers, PTA, new to the URS team.

Karen Flowers has been practicing Physical Therapy since 1982, and
continues to study methods and techniques that can transform the
human condition working primarily with children across multiple settings.
Karen has found her stride in utilizing the Feldenkrais method, earning
her certification in 2001, she is an active member of the Feldenkrais Guild
of North America.

Supported by the latest brain research, this method:

  •  Creates the conditions for natural learning to occur.
  • Starts by accepting your child exactly where they are.
  • Focuses on what is right and builds from that foundation.
  • Teaches the child how to build connections to self, others and the  environment in the way nature intended.
  • Seeks to unburden the child by helping to release tension on the wire.  The Brain and nervous system is like an electrical system with in input  (sensory in) and an output (motor out).  If there is too much tension the  system cannot regulate itself and learning is impeded.
  • Gentle Touch is used as guided movement in the direction of ease and  pleasure within patterns that the brain can recognize.
  • Recognizes that children learn through pleasure.
  • Offers rest and digest time for the brain to integrate the information  provided during a lesson.

Your child has an amazing brain and can learn anything if the conditions for
learning are optimized.

Karen’s joy is to unburden your child and offer a steadfast, supportive, skillful and nonjudgmental presence in what we call a “lesson” because this method
is based on how a child learns via their own curiosity and Karen seeks to  empower your child towards his or her own potential.

URS Handwriting Improvement Program

Starting in May, we will be offering individual and small group handwriting options every Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm.

Count the ways Handwriting Without Tears can help your Child!

1. Developing good writing habits
2. Eliminating reversals or formation confusion
3. Train in cursive, many school systems have dropped the cursive curriculum.
4. Improve hand strength for expanding written assignments
5. Teach manuscript using multi-sensory strategies
6. Improve spatial awareness for written work
7. Promote ideal grip and posture to limit fatigue

If you’re curious as to what fine motor development milestones your child should be reaching at his/her current age, check out this fine motor development chart. https://childdevelopment.com.au/resources/child-development-charts/fine-motor-developmental-chart/

Contact us if interested at alysa@unbridledrehab.com or 410-970-2400.

Are you able to help?

TRRC has an opportunity to host a PATH International certification workshop in July, with two stellar instructors, Mary Jo Beckman and Octavia Brown. There is not enough time to pursue grants, so TRRC is asking for personal donations, a family foundation, or even a pledge as a tax deduction. They need sponsorships for two candidates from TRRC who have worked hard all year towards their certification as riding instructors ($750. each); meal coverage ($250 each meal for four days of meals); Manual purchases and the cost to cover presenters ($1,200).

If you are able to help or have other resources to share, please contact Dr. Helen Tuel at Trrc01@aol.com

Cleaning out your arts and crafts closet?

Now would be a great time to donate unwanted materials as you thin out your arts and crafts supply. Feel free to bring in any leftovers of the following items:

Construction paper
Crafting paper
Pipe cleaners
Paper bags/plates

If you’re unsure we’ll be able to use an item, please ask!

Upcoming Events:

Join us April 30th! The Raise the Roof campaign continues with an Art Show Fundraiser event.

Don’t forget–Summer is right around the corner! 

Summer camps will be June 26 – 30 and July 24 – 28. Sign up today!

Activity of the Month

Dirt cups

Things needed:

Gummy worms
Chocolate pudding
Clear cups

Step 1: Put pudding in cup

Step 2: Crush oreos and put in pudding

Step 3: Put gummy worms in cup

Contact Info: 3750-A Shady Lane Glenwood, MD 21738
Phone: (410) 970-2400
Fax: (410) 774-4090

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