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About URS

Our Mission

To maximize the benefits of a combined clinical and community setting. Our goal at Unbridled Rehab is to provide holistic services to individuals with various needs, striving to improve quality of life and participation in functional activities.

Unbridled Rehabilitation Services, LLC  is passionate about bringing clinical therapy practice to every-day living environments where children can learn to generalize new skills and creative adapted strategies to their daily routine. Unbridled Rehab strives to provide holistic services to families by meeting the needs of both child and parent. Our unique practice setting enables us to promote optimal functional performance while working with our clients to access the greatest therapeutic potential through nature, therapeutic recreation, unique sensory experiences, equine assisted therapies, and a variety of customized camps. We provide integrative occupational, speech, and physical therapy services from infant to adolescents with developmental delay, orthopedic or neurological conditions.

While our focus is in pediatrics, we accept clients of all ages. Please contact us to find out if we can provide the services you need.