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Unbridled Rehab offers hippotherapy as a treatment strategy for those receiving occupational, physical, and speech therapy services. Specially trained volunteers and staff work together to create a safe and accommodating atmosphere for all clients.

Fees for services:

$175 for the Initial Evaluation (1 hour)

$160 per hour therapy session
$95 per 45-minute therapy session

$15 Administrative Fee *

*Therapy sessions that incorporate hippotherapy as a treatment strategy will be subject to this fee only if the participant elects for sessions to be billed through their insurance plan. The administrative fee is assessed in addition to the patient liability per session (copayment, coinsurance, and/or deductible amounts).

Cancellation policy: We require 24 hour notice for the cancellation of an appointment. Due to the complexity of the team’s preparation for each session, less than 24 hour notice negatively impacts both efficiency of sessions that day and resources available. Unbridled Rehab reserves the right to charge a $75 cancellation fee if sufficient notice is not given. An occurrence of 3 consecutive sessions cancelled without appropriate notice will result in forfeiture of the time slot held to allow for Unbridled Rehab to best serve all clients in need of services.